511 Information


Figure 1 Figure 1

Camera locations can be viewed by clicking on the "Cameras" tab. This is similar to how the "Road Reports" selection works. The most popular routes that have cameras are listed first as links. Below that is a search feature where you can enter the route you want and to select a camera or the option to view the complete list of cameras available (see Figure 1).

Selecting a route produces a list of sections on the chosen highway (see Figure 2). These sections are used to help locate areas of interest more quickly and are also used on the associated 511 telephone system.

Figure 2 Figure 2
Figure 3 Figure 3
Clicking on the section name in the list displays a map, temporarily highlighting that section. Remember, this highlighting is used to show the selected route section and does not reflect roadway conditions.
Figure 4 Figure 4

Like other features in the "List View," the camera icon in the list or a camera icon on the map can be clicked in order to view traffic images (see Figure 4). In order to view streaming video, click on "Load Motion Video" under the still image.