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Road Reports - Figure 1 Figure 1
Figure 2 Figure 2

"Road Reports" (Figure 1): In the upper left of the page, there is a button labeled "Show List Views," or "Hide List Views," depending on which view you are in. Clicking the "Road Reports" tab provides links to specific highways. You will first see the most popular selections, a search feature where you can enter the route you are looking for or the option to view the complete list of routes (see Figure 2).

Selecting a route produces a list of sections on the chosen highway (see Figure 3). These sections are used to help locate areas of interest more quickly and are also used on the associated 511 telephone system.

Figure 3 Figure 3

Road report sections (Figure 4): Clicking on the section name in the list displays a map, temporarily highlighting that section. Remember, this highlighting is used to show the selected route section and does not reflect roadway conditions.

After several seconds, the highlighting disappears and any active events for the section are shown as listed event descriptions in the left panel and as icons on the map in the right panel. Icons for events on other nearby highways are also visible in this map view. You can turn icons off and on from the legend on the right, which will affect the type of events shown in the event list for the selected route.

Figure 4 Figure 4
Figure 5 Figure 5
Figure 6 Figure 6

The event list and icons on the map are interactive. Clicking on a specific event either in the event list or on a map event icon will cause the map event icon to be circled in blue and the appropriate event report in the list to be highlighted (see Figure 5).

Printing road reports By clicking on the "Print Reports" link (see Figure 6), a printable version of the events on the selected route will be created.