511 Information

How-To videos

Quickly learn how to navigate Iowa DOT's 511/traveler information full-featured website with these short videos.

All about the layers All about the layers
Did you know you can customize what you see on the 511 map? Learn how to do this by turning on/off layers.

Winter road conditionsWinter road condition report details
There is more to the winter road condition reports than just a color on the map. Learn how you can find more details about the winter road condition reports on 511.

Icons What do the icons mean?
What do all of the icons on the 511 map mean? Find out in this short video.

Viewing traffic cameras Viewing the traffic cameras and streaming video
Did you know you can view streaming video from most of our 300+ traffic cameras around the state on 511? Did you know you can share that camera with a friend? Find out how in this video.

Share an event Share an event
Have you found a closure that might affect your friend's commute and you want to share it with them? Find out about this built-in sharing feature on 511.

Future events Future events
Are you planning a trip to grandma and grandpa’s house this weekend and want to see if anything will impact your travel? Plan ahead by using our future event feature on 511.

Bookmark Bookmark a view
Have you zoomed in to your most frequently used area, turned on/off the layers you want and want to save this view so you can come back to it quickly? Learn how to bookmark your view in this short video.

Personalized 511

Creat an account Create a 511 account
Learn how to create a 511 account so you can save routes and receive personalized alerts via text message or email.

settings Change your 511 account settings
There are many ways to customize your 511 account. Find out how to change these settings in this video.

routes Save and edit a route
Do you have routes you travel often (e.g., home to work; work to home; home to the gym) and want to easily find out if there are traffic impacts on those routes? Learn how to save and edit your commonly traveled routes in this video.

personalized alerts Setup your personalized alerts
Know before you go. Learn how to get personalized alerts for your saved routes via text message or email. You can customize these alerts for certain times of the day and days of the week. Know what's happening on your journey before you head out the door.