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Above the scrolling banner is a group of helpful links.

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"Help" — a drop-down menu providing links to:

  • "About 511" — frequently asked questions and background information on Iowa's 511 system.
  • "Website Help" a link to this help file.
  • "Phone Help" navigation tips for using Iowa's 511 phone service.
  • "Road Condition Definitions" Detailed definitions of Iowa DOT's winter road conditions..

Streamlined version :A different format of the website that requires less bandwidth and is appropriate for dial-up or other slow-speed Internet connections. The display of events on the full-feature and streamlined sites may be visually different, but the information source is the same.

Truck restrictions: This takes you to a page on our streamlined website showing commercial vehicle restrictions (e.g. height, weight, etc.), as well as where tow bans are in effect.

Links: The drop-down menu accessed here provides quick access to other Web pages that will be helpful to travelers in Iowa: Weatherview, National Weather Service, Iowa DOT, Iowa DOT Site Map, Iowa DOT Newsroom, Contact Iowa DOT, State of Iowa, Iowa State Patrol, State Law and bordering states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota).

Survey: This is a short, anonymous opinion poll on how you use 511 and about our 511 system (Web and phone).

DOT home:  Iowa DOT's website.