511 Information


Welcome to the Condition Acquisition and Reporting System (CARS) Group traveler information XML data feed access portal. This is a service that allows third parties (i.e. commercial traveler information vendors, transportation agencies, researchers, media and others) to access real-time data for use in applications and research efforts.

The highway data feed contains real-time event, closed-circuit camera (CCTV) and traffic speed data, where available, provided by the CARS Group agencies. The agencies providing this data include: Idaho Transportation Department, Indiana Department of Transportation, Iowa Department of Transportation, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Nebraska Department of Transportation, and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.

Types of highway data

The data feed includes:

  • All active incidents/accidents
  • Construction
  • Size and weight restrictions for truckers
  • Winter road conditions (where available)
  • Special events also available via 511 websites for each agency, including CCTV information.

Format and update frequency of the 511 highway data feed

The data feed is accessed through a Web connection and in XML format. The feed is updated as individual events become active, are updated or expire and removed from the feed.


These XML data feeds will be available once you request access via the CARS XML Feed Request Form and receive a login and password.

  XML feed index site 511 website
Idaho Idaho XML feed Idaho 511 website
Indiana Indiana XML feed Indiana 511 website
Iowa Iowa XML feed Iowa 511 website
Minnesota Minnesota XML feed Minnesota 511 website
Nebraska Nebraska XML feed Nebraska 511 website
Sacramento Sacramento XML feed Sacramento 511 website