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Helicopter pesticide sprayer arm
DID YOU KNOW? More than 320 aerial
applicators are licensed in Iowa through
the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

Aviation System

There are approximately 1 million aircraft operations at publicly owned airports in Iowa each year. Nearly 90 percent of aircraft operations in Iowa are from general aviation (non-airline, non-military) activity.

Iowa generates 2.3 million commercial airline passenger boardings each year. More than 150 million pounds of cargo are transported through Iowa's airports each year.

More than 3,500 aircraft in the state are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration; approximately 1,300 of those are registered to Iowa businesses. (2023) Iowa has 6,400 active licensed aircraft pilots and another 3,500 remote pilots for unmanned aircraft systems. (2022)

Iowa has 107 publicly owned airports that serve general aviation activity. Eight of those airports offer commercial air service. An additional eight privately owned airports are also open for public use. For airport locations, see the Iowa DOT's Aviation website.

Fifty-eight airports have fixed-base operators that provide aviation services to the flying public. Helicopter air ambulance services fly more than 4,100 missions each year in Iowa. More than 320 aerial applicators are licensed in Iowa through the Iowa Department of Agriculture. It is estimated that five million acres of crops are treated by aerial application each year.

Sixty-one airports have automated weather-reporting systems; 44 of those systems are part of the state-sponsored automated weather observation station (AWOS) system while the remaining systems are maintained by the Federal Aviation Administration. AWOS information provides important weather information that enhances aviation safety. Pilots can obtain this real-time weather via aviation flight planning programs and radio in their aircraft. It is also available to anyone on weatherview.iowadot.gov or via the telephone.


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