About the DOT


  • The RISE fund was created in 1985 by the Iowa General Assembly to promote economic development in Iowa through construction or improvement of roads and streets. RISE is funded by a 1.75-cent-per-gallon motor fuel tax. (February 2016)
  • RISE funding assists the efforts of local communities to attract value adding activities that feed new dollars into the Iowa economy. There were 19 projects awarded funding in FY 2014 and 23 in FY 2015. (February 2016)
  • Since its beginning, RISE has assisted in creating or retaining over 83,000 jobs, and supported an estimated $21 billion in associated capital investment. (February 2016)
  • Since the program originated, RISE has funded over 770 transportation projects and provided more than $417 million in RISE funding. (February 2016)