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Roadside vegetation management
DID YOU KNOW? In FY 2015, the Iowa DOT
planted approximately 13,911 trees and shrubs.


  • Approximately 216,300 acres of roadside right of way are managed and maintained by the state.
  • The Living Roadway Trust Fund (LRTF) was established by the Iowa General Assembly in July 1989. This fund was created to implement integrated roadside vegetation management programs on city, county or state right of way or areas adjacent to traveled roadways. The LRTF is funded from $250,000 from the Road Use Tax Fund, 3 percent of REAP funding, 3 percent of Resource Enhancement and Protection license plate revenue, and fees obtained from utility easements along interstate and other divided four-lane, access-controlled highways. (2016)
  • In FY 2016, $814,000 was awarded to 59 projects.
  • The LRTF funds are used to support the purchase of special equipment, roadside inventories, gateway plantings, media programs, native grass and forb seed, tree and shrub plantings, and research and education programs. Visit the Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund website for more details about the program.
  • Approximately 53,389 acres of Iowa's state and primary roadsides have been enhanced or revegetated with native grasses and wildflowers. ( 2015)
  • Over 2.1 million trees/shrubs have been planted in Iowa roadsides since 1990. (2015)
  • In FY 2015, the Iowa DOT planted approximately 13,911 trees and shrubs.


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