Upcoming auction

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The Iowa Department of Transportation will provide images of vehicles available at the next scheduled auction approximately two weeks prior to the auction date. Images may not be available for some items. Click on the photo of the item to view a larger picture. You can sort the list by each column, or you can search for items. This is not a complete listing of all items on the auction.

All Iowa DOT auctions are held at the auction building on South Fourth Street in Ames.

Inspection of vehicles and large equipment will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Friday before sale day, and from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on sale day.

Notice: Bid numbers will be printed for all bidders. Please bring a driver’s license with you to the sale. The information from your driver’s license will be scanned into the system, and a bid number will be printed for you to use at this auction. For those without a driver’s license, the information will be entered manually.

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Small Equipment will be available for auction on GovDeals

Starting Tuesday, June 16, Iowa DOT will have small equipment available for purchase by the general public through You must have a GovDeals account to be eligible to bid. It is not necessary to register to check what's available. Enter "Iowa Department of Transportation" in the search section of the GovDeals home page to view auction list.

Special note:  The following vehicles and large equipment will be available on starting Tuesday, June 23

Vehicles 2007 Red Ford Focus Zx4 SE
2008 Chevy Colorado LT
2009 Chevy Colorado LT
2010 Grey Chevy HHR
2012 Chevy Colorado WT
2015 Chevy Tahoe 4x4—front damage
Trucks 2001 4900 International 
2001 4900 International –bad brakes/bad batteries
2001 4900 International—no start/bad batteries
2002 4900 International 
2003 7400 International W/20K
2003 7400 International W/20K—no start/bad ECM
2003 7400 International W/20K—no start/bad batteries 
Loaders 2006 JCB Loader 416HT--- bad transmission/doesn't run
2006 JCB Loader 416HT— bad oil pump/doesn't run
Excavator 1999 Hyundai 160LC-3
Motor Graders 1990 Champion 710A—bad tires
  1993 Champion 710A—bad tires

  • Currently, we are still planning on holding the August 8, 2020 auction as scheduled.