About  Aviation

The Aviation Team in the Iowa DOT’s Modal Transportation Bureau advocates for and delivers services that promote and enhance a healthy air transportation system. Emphasis is placed on building cooperative working relationships, advocating for opportunities to strengthen aviation in Iowa, coordinating outreach programs, maintaining a comprehensive data collection system, and managing programs that promote a safe and secure air transportation system in Iowa. 

To achieve these goals, Aviation provides:

  • Administration of state and federal aviation funding programs.
  • Management of the Iowa aircraft registration program.
  • Inspection and certification of all public use airports.
  • Statewide aviation weather reporting (AWOS).
  • Communications, outreach and educational activities.
  • Aviation system planning.
  • Aviation data collection.
  • Runway markings and windsocks for airports.
  • Air service analysis and development.
  • Pavement inspections at federally funded airports.
  • Special studies and initiatives.
    • Economic impact assessments
    • Focus groups
    • Aviation security
    • Land use guidelines near airports
    • Wildlife mitigation for airports



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Phone: 515-239-1691
Fax: 515-233-7983
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