Office of Aviation

Airport Manager and Sponsor's Guide to State Aviation Programs

The Airport Manager and Sponsor’s Guide to State Aviation Programs provides a summary of services and programs offered through the Office of Aviation. The Web version of the guide includes links to word-fillable grant application forms and additional resources. For additional information, contact the Iowa DOT's Office of Aviation at 515-239-1048.

Airport Manager and Sponsor’s Guide to State Aviation Programs
PDF of the Complete Guidebook updated October 2013
Title page updated October 2013
Introduction updated October 2013
Table of contents updated October 2013
Section 1 – Office of Aviation Services updated October 2013
Section 2 – State Aviation Grant Programs updated October 2013
Section 3 – State Role in Federal Airport Improvement Program updated October 2013

Appendix A – application forms
State Funding Annual Application Package
Land use planning and zoning
Immediate Safety Enhancements (ISE) updated July 2011
Wildlife mitigation
Minority Impact Statement

Appendix B – sample agreements between airports and the Iowa DOT
Airport Improvement Program projects updated October 2013
Vertical Infrastructure Program updated October 2013
Immediate Safety Enhancements Agreement updated October 2013
Appendix C – grant administration forms
Claim for Reimbursement
Statement of Final Acceptance

Appendix D – bidding/consultant information
Engineering use requirements
Targeted Small Business updated October 2013
Competitive quote procedures

Appendix E – AWOS
Airport Manager/Operator's Guide to AWOS Opeations – functions and troubleshooting
updated October 2013
Sample agreement with airports

Appendix F – glossary

Appendix G – miscellaneous
Federal Fish and Wildlife License/Permit Application Form
Wildlife Categories in Iowa and Permits Necessary for Lethal Control
Frequently Used Airport Related Advisory Circulars updated October 2013