Contact information

Vacant, director

Ph: 515-239-1659

This position serves as the director of the Aviation Bureau for the Iowa DOT, with oversight of aviation programs, initiatives and staff to meet the overall mission of the office. The director acts as the primary liaison to various governmental agencies and aviation associations as well as local, state, and federal decision-makers. The position also serves as the director of the Public Transit Bureau.

Tim McClung

Tim McClung, planning and outreach manager

Ph: 515-239-1689
E-mail: tim.mcclung@iowadot.us

Tim McClung handles communications for the Aviation Bureau and works as the Department’s liaison to aviation user groups and associations to identify and address aviation issues specific to Iowa. In addition to working on legislative and policy issues, Tim also works with the aircraft registration program, unmanned aircraft integration, air service development, airport compliance, and educational programming. He has been with the Iowa DOT since 2003 and is a licensed commercial and unmanned aircraft pilot, with a background in airport and FBO management. Tim is a graduate of the University of Iowa.  

Shane Wright

Shane Wright, program manager

Ph: 515-239-1048

Shane Wright is the aviation program manager for the Aviation Bureau. Shane manages Iowa’s State Aviation Program and coordinates the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program in Iowa. He also works with airspace issues, incompatible land use involving airports, and the aviation system planning process. He is a licensed commercial pilot with a background in airport management and operations. He joined the Office of Aviation in 2015 and is a graduate of the University of Dubuque and University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.  

Mike Marr

Mike Marr, airport inspector

Ph: 515-239-1468
E-mail: michael.marr@iowadot.us

Mike Marr's responsibilities include inspecting general aviation airports to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, managing the statewide system of automated weather observation stations, pavement condition reports, runway marking programs, airport directories, and aviation charts. He also administers the facility and equipment program for airport emergency needs.

Marr is a licensed pilot and a graduate of Iowa State University. He began with the Iowa DOT working in the Materials Lab in 1998 and joined the Aviation Bureau in 2002.

Brian Kuennen

Brian Kuennen, program specialist

Ph: 515-239-1697
E-mail: brian.kuennen@iowadot.us

Brian Kuennen provides program support for the Aviation Bureau and aviation stakeholders in Iowa. Primary responsibilities include working with the aircraft registration program, where he provides customer service, compliance oversight, and technical support. Brian maintains multiple aviation databases necessary for tracking uses and trends in Iowa’s aviation system. He also provides programming assistance for state and federal aviation programs, and coordination of aviation conferences, meetings, and events.

Kuennen is a licensed commercial helicopter pilot in the Iowa Army National Guard. He is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and was in teaching prior to joining the Office of Aviation in 2016.