A note on the passing of former aviation director Michelle McEnany

Michelle McEnany

We are sad to share that long-time Office of Aviation director Michelle Fletcher McEnany has passed away. Michelle served as the director of the Iowa Department of Transportation's Office of Aviation and the Office of Public Transit from 2000 through 2017.

McEnany was responsible for the development and maintenance of safe, comprehensive, and competitive aviation and transit systems in Iowa. Her management in transportation emphasized advocacy, promotion, and partnership building, with a focus on economic development and quality of life issues. Michelle brought a fresh perspective and contributed to the success of aviation in Iowa. She was effective in her work with stakeholders at all levels, and in implementing reorganizational changes for the Office of Aviation.

Prior to joining the Iowa DOT, McEnany was the director of state and local relations for the Greater Des Moines Partnership, where she was responsible for advancing transportation public policy issues that enhanced business and economic development opportunities. She is a graduate of Boston College with degrees in economics and political science.

Michelle had an unconditional commitment and dedication throughout the years, and she brought an energy and enthusiasm for Aviation and Transit to the Iowa DOT that still is evident in the great work being done in those areas.,” says Stuart Anderson, director of the Iowa DOT’s Planning, Programming, and Modal Division.

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