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Southwest Airlines lands in Iowa
Southwest Airlines lands in Iowa

Ames, Iowa – Jan. 20, 2012 — Southwest Airlines and its wholly owned subsidiary AirTran Airways have confirmed the intent to convert AirTran Airways operations at 22 domestic and international airports to Southwest operations, including service at the Des Moines International Airport.

Southwest Airlines Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer and AirTran Airways President Bob Jordan says of the announcement, "We are excited about the cities we have chosen to keep in our combined network. At the same time, there are some markets we simply cannot make work in the current fuel environment, so we've had to make the decision to discontinue service in those locations."

"The airline industry continues to face many challenges, including significantly higher fuel costs," Jordan said. "We must do everything we can to operate efficiently and profitably, align service with customer demand, and deliver the legendary customer service for which both airlines are known."
Southwest and AirTran will announce future jointly served airport conversions as those specific plans are lined up.