Iowa Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan


The development of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan is a multi-year process, with the finished plan set to be released in 2015. The following summarizes the scope of work for this project.

Task 1: Project initiation

Kick-off meetings with the Iowa DOT and two steering committees established specifically for the plan.

Task 2: Public participation

Ask our customers to give us their opinions online and in public meetings to be held across the state.  Coordinate meeting and public input with Iowa DOT district offices and regional planning (metropolitan planning organization and regional planning affiliation) staff. This also includes online surveys; project update emails (sign up for project update emails); and updates to the Iowa DOT’s Facebook and Twitter pages

Task 3: Review existing conditions

Review existing plans and policies, collect and compile data, and create base and context maps. Review the Iowa DOT's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program; the state transportation budget, and existing policies and practices pertaining to bicycle and pedestrian travel. Assess the bicycle and pedestrian network (consisting of bikeways, paved shoulders, paths, shared roads, etc.) for connectivity and comfort

Task 4: Bicycle and pedestrian facility recommendations

Develop a vision, goals, and objectives for the plan based on public and stakeholder input. Recommend changes to policies and practices (complete streets policy, performance measures, design policies, etc.). Propose improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities (sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, paved shoulders, etc.), identify additional state and national bicycle routes and prioritize the development of the state’s primary trail system (level 1 trails).

Task 5: Funding and implementation strategies

Develop a set of tools to maximize state, regional, and local financial resources; create design guidelines (based on national best-practices) for use by the Iowa DOT and local agencies; and prioritize the completion of the state’s primary trail network.

Task 6: Plan development

Draft the Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan that details the work performed under the various tasks listed above. This plan is intended to guide the development of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and initiatives in the state of Iowa for many years.