Bridges and Structures


Memo Updates

Updated on June 30, 2014


Number Status Subject
MM1 Obsolete Footing Elevation for Scour and Allowable Unsupported Pile Lengths
MM2 Active Top Bar Factor for Footing Reinforcing Steel Development Length
MM3 Revised Punching Shear and Wide Beam Shear
MM4 Obsolete Individual Punching Shear and Beam Shear
MM5 Revised Maximum T-Pier Heights Based on Kl/r
MM6 Obsolete Pier Cap Design, Shear Stirrup Spacing
MM7 Active Using Hooks Near Cap Ends for Development of Flexural Reinforcing Steel
MM8 Revised Pier Cap Design Shear Stirrup Spacing
MM9 Active Battered Pile Capacity and Lateral Load Capacity for Pier Design
MM10 Active Closure Pours
MM11 Active Sidewalks on Bridges
MM12 Active Concrete Sealer on Repairs
MM13 Active Analysis of Existing Slab Overhangs for TBR Loads
MM14 Revised Prebore Lengths for Integral and Stub Abutments
MM15 Revised Repainting of Steel Bridges
MM16 Active Use of Higher Strength Concrete
MM17 Revised Lighting on Bridges
MM18 Obsolete Minimum Steel for Column Design
MM19 Revised Guidelines for Fully Encased Pile Bents for Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges
MM20 Obsolete Downdrag Calculations for Piling
MM21 Active Use of "Excavate and Dewater" Bid Item
MM22 Active Standard Rocker Bearings-Design Exception
MM23 Obsolete Length Limits and Prebore Depths for Integral Abutment Bridges
MM24 Active Beam Design and Bearing Design, Distribution of Dead Load 2
MM25 Active Sight Distances on Bridges
MM26 Active Haunch Reinforcement for PCBM
MM28 Revised Bent Bars in Flumes and Bell Joints
MM29 Active Calculations for Excavation Classification Line
MM30 Revised Finger Joints
MM31 Revised Detailing Bends
MM32 Obsolete Elastomeric Expansion Bearings, New AASHTO Method A Rotation Formulas
MM33 Active Wing Extension for C Beams
MM34 Obsolete New Standard Specifications
MM36 Obsolete Miscellaneous Design and Detailing Issues for 71 ½ in. (1800 mm) Bulb Tee
MM37 Revised Diaphragm Stiffener Connections for Case I
MM38 Active Review of Shop Drawings – Steel Structures
MM40 Active Exterior Beam Distribution Factor – LRFD
MM42 Obsolete Use of Corrosion Inhibitor Option on Columns
MM50 Active Detailing of Footing to Column Rebar
MM51 Revised Revision to Top of Slab Elevation Sheet
MM52 Active Use of p3 Bars in Integral Abutments
MM54 Active Drilled Shaft Guidelines
MM55 Active Use of Higher Pile Capacities
MM56 Active Sealing of PCBM Ends
MM57 Active Abutment Piling Design, PPCB Bridges
MM58 Active Revision to Temporary Roadway Widths during Staged Construction
MM62 Revised Beam Line Haunch Elevations for PPCB and Steel Girder Bridges
MM64 Active Removal of Corrosion Inhibitor Option on Columns
MM65 Active Limit Steel Girder Lengths Between Field Splices 120 ft
MM66 Obsolete Guidelines for Using Standard Prestressed Concrete Beams
MM69 Revised Epoxy Coated Spirals
MM70 Active Anchorage of Steel Reinforced Elastomeric Bearings
MM71 Obsolete Note on Option of Welding Studs in the Field
MM72 Obsolete Application of Wind Load to Substructure
MM73 Active Use of Special Prestressed Beam Designs
MM75 Active End Bar Clearances for Horizontal Construction Joints
MM77 Active Changes to new BTC and BTD Beams
MM78 Active Charpy Requirements for Steel End Diaphragms
MM79 Active Integral Abutment Piles
MM80 Active Maximum Release and Final Concrete Strength for PCBM
MM81 Revised Deck Drains
MM82 Active Internal River Pier Ice Loads
MM83 Obsolete Camber Calculations Using Transformed Sections
MM84 Active New Beam Standard Development
MM85 Active Layout for Bridges on Four Lane Highways
MM86 Active New Policy for Bridge Approach Slabs
MM87 Obsolete Revised Downdrag Calculations
MM88 Active Rodent Guards on Cantilever Sign Supports and I-235 Overhead Trusses
MM89 Revised Shear Stud Lengths and Haunch Requirements for Steel Girders
MM90 Active Bridge Bearings
MM91 Revised Temporary Shoring Adjacent to Roadway
MM92 Obsolete Leveling Pads for Masonry Plates and Steel Bearings
MM93 Active Approach Slab Responsibilities with Downdrag
MM94 Obsolete T.O.S. Elevations for Beam Bridges
MM95 Revised Deck Overlays on New Construction
MM96 Active Revised Culvert Wall Thickness
MM97 Active Revision of MM No. 83 Camber Calculations Using Transformed Sections for Prestressed Beam Design
MM99 Active Update of Bid Item Codes for BTC and BTD
MM100 Revised Flange Transitions in Welded Girder Bridges
MM102 Revised 4000 psi Deck Concrete for Long Span BTCs and BTDs,
MM103 Active Plate Thicknesses for Steel Bridges
MM104 Obsolete LRFD Implementation for Steel Bridge Design
MM105 Active Use of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel
MM106 Obsolete End beam dimension for BTC
MM107 Active Integral Abutment and Pier Cap Detailing
MM108 Active Longitudinal Construction Joint Placement in Decks
MM109 Active Reinforcement Placement in Round Columns
MM110 Obsolete Concrete Placement of Concrete Barrier Rail
MM113 Active Use of anchor bolt wells
MM114 Revised Description of Concrete Mix Types on Bridge Decks
MM115 Active Revised Haunch Policies
MM116 Obsolete Correction to Figure in 6.5 Abutments of the Bridge Design Manual
MM117 Active Pile Cutoff for Battered Piles
MM118 Obsolete Longitudinal Grooving of Bridge Decks
MM119 Active Access for Dynamic Message Signs
MM121 Revised Use of Special Concrete Mixes on Bridges
MM122 Active Sealing of Bridge Plans
MM124 Active Design Manual Updates
MM125 Obsolete New Issue Precast Culvert Standards and Plan Development
MM126 Obsolete Notification for Removal of Bridges
MM128 Obsolete Revised Longitudinal Grooving of Bridge Decks Plan Note
MM129 Obsolete Reinforcing Designation on Plans
MM131 Active Continuous Welded Plate Girder Butt-Welded Flange Splice Substitutions
MM132 Active Delete CADD Note E134/M134, supersedes MM No. 126
MM138 Active Revision to 91 - Temporary Shoring Adjacent to Roadway
MM139 Active Deck Design LRFD
MM140 Active New Plan Note E175/M175, “Waiting Period for Driving Piles”
MM141 Revised Removal of Hazardous Paint
MM142 Obsolete LRFD Plan Specification Notes
MM143 Revised Longitudinal Grooving for Bridge Decks, Bridge Approaches, Bridge Deck Overlays, & Overlay of Bridge Approaches
MM144 Revised Revised Policy for Transverse Joints for CCS and PCBM Bridges
MM145 Obsolete Pier Foundation Design and Check for Scour Conditions
MM147 Obsolete Embedded deck hanger forms in PPCB
MM148 Active Review of Existing Sign Truss for Larger Sign Areas
MM150 Revised Revision to CADD Note E188/M188
MM151 Revised Steel Bridges Providing Tension and Compression Flange Designation
MM152 Active Maximum Joint Openings for Bell Joints
MM153 Revised Pile Driving Over Waterways
MM154 Active Design of Cofferdam Seal Coat
MM156 Revised Revised Longitudinal Grooving Notes
MM157 Obsolete LRFD Design Policy -HS25 Loading on Substructures
MM158 Active Anchor Bolt Placement
MM159 Active Policy on Bulb Tee Use
MM160 Active Design Manual Article, Revised Allowable Pile Stress
MM162 Revised Bridge Railing Selection on Interstate and Primary Highways
MM163 Revised Revision MM No. 17 Lighting on Bridges
MM164 Active Stiffener Clearances
MM165 Revised Revision to C9.1.11 Concept Repair Memo
MM166 Revised Revisions to CADD notes E832/M832 and Bid Item Reference Note
MM167 Obsolete CADD note E54/M54 for 404 permits
MM168 Active Layout of Anchor Bolt Locations
MM169 Active Revision to Section 4.2, Culverts Without Fill
MM170 Active Design Policy Updates
MM171 Active Revised CADD note E1020/M1020)
MM174 Active Bridge Plan Deck Dimension Table
MM177 Active CADD note E234/M234 for Surface Preparation for Two Course Decks
MM181 Obsolete Office Policy for Checking Piers by LRFD
MM182 Active LRFD Live Load Distribution for Skewed Bridges with Non-standard Rolled Steel Beams, Non-standard Prestressed Beams or Welded Plate Girders
MM183 Obsolete Policy Regarding Construction Loading
MM184 Obsolete Policy for LRFD Design
MM186 Obsolete Revision Open Rail Details to J24-06, J30-06, J40-06, J44-06
MM187 Active Void CADD note E923/M923
MM188 Active Revisions to CADD notes E470/M470, E471/M471, and E473/M473
MM189 Active Revision to CADD note E189/M189
MM190 Active LRFD Guidelines for Repair Projects
MM191 Active Vent Hole Layout for Flowable Mortar Placement
MM192 Active LRFD Office Guidelines for Temperature and Shrinkage Reinforcing in Pier Footings
MM193 Obsolete Use of Temporary Stream Access Bid Item and 404 Permit Notes
MM195 Active Stub Abutment Design behind MSE Walls
MM196 Active Pier Pedestal Design Guidelines for Aesthetic Piers
MM197 Obsolete Revision to E/M 202 - Embedded Deck Hangers in PPCB
MM198 Active Use of Profile Grade Line on Bridge Plans
MM199 Active Revision to CADD Note E461/M461
MM201 Active Policy Guidelines and Standard Sheet 1067 for Overpass Projects Involving the BNSF and UP Railroads
MM202 Active Revision to Deck Placement Notes for Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridges
MM204 Active General Note on Keyway Dimensions
MM205 Active Update CADD Note E50D
MM206 Revised Revision for E463/M463
MM207 Active Policy for Barrier Expansion Openings and for Conduit in Barrier Rails
MM208 Revised Revision to Limits for Longitudinal Grooving
MM209 Active Clarification for Plain Elastomeric Pad Design
MM210 Active Updated Policy for LRFD Design
MM211 Revised Office Guidelines for Mass Concrete and Temperature and Shrinkage Reinforcing
MM212 Active Revision to Standard CADD note E101/M101
MM213 Active Revision to E450/M 450 Commentary
MM219 Active Guidelines for Signature Blocks when Using Standard Bridge Plans
MM222 Active Definition of Profile Grade Line at Centerline of Approach Roadway
MM223 Active Value Engineering Note
MM224 Obsolete Amendment to MM125
MM225 Active Traffic Data Information


Active Content of this memo is in the Bridge Design Manual.
Revised Content of this memo is partially revised.  Only portions of the content still apply.
Obsolete Content of this memo is no longer current design practice.