Office of Bridges and Structures


Design Manual

Updated on Dec. 29, 2016
The Bridge Design Manual is currently being rewritten. As sections are completed, they will be added to this page.



1. General Design


2. Sustainable Bridge Design


3. Preliminary Design

  3.1 General Commentary
  3.2 Bridges
    3.2.1 Identification numbers Commentary
    3.2.2 Stream and river crossings Commentary
    3.2.3 Highway crossings Commentary
    3.2.4 Railroad crossings Commentary
    3.2.5 Pedestrian and shared use path crossings Commentary
    3.2.6 Superstructures Commentary
    3.2.7 Substructures Commentary
    3.2.8 Cost estimates Commentary
    3.2.9 Preliminary situation plans Commentary
    3.2.10 Permits and approvals Commentary
    3.2.11 Forms Commentary
    3.2.12 Noise Walls Commentary

4. Preliminary Design of Culverts


Example RCB Culvert Situation Plan and Checklist

Example Pipe Culvert Plat Plan and Checklist

5. Bridge Superstructure Design

  5.1 General
  5.2 Deck Commentary
  5.3 Haunch Commentary
  5.4 Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Girder Commentary
  5.5 Steel Girder Commentary
  5.6 Concrete Slab Commentary 
  5.7 Bearings Commentary 
  5.8 Additional Components
    5.8.1 Railings Commentary
    5.8.2 Pedestrian facilities  
    5.8.3 Expansion Joint Commentary
    5.8.4 Deck Drains Commentary
    5.8.5 Reinforcement protection Commentary

6. Bridge Substructure Design

  6.1 General Commentary
  6.2 Piles Commentary

LRFD Pile Design Examples

LRFD workshop on bridge foundations consisting of driven piles in Iowa

  6.3 Drilled Shafts Commentary
  6.4 Spread Footings Commentary
  6.5 Abutments Commentary
  6.6 Piers Commentary

Appendix for Technical Documents

  6.7 Retaining walls  

7. Culverts


Precast Barrel Design Methodology

8. Accelerated Bridge Construction


9. Bridge Aesthetics


10. Special Structures

  10.2 Sign Supports ASD/LFD manual section Commentary

11. Falsework Design

  11.2. Falsework and forms Commentary

12. Bridge and Culvert Inspection, Rating and Repair

  12.1 Bridge Repair Commentary

13. CADD Notes


LRFD Steel Design Examples