Iowa Transportation Commission

Summary of Actions Taken

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Materials Conference Room
Ames DOT Complex
800 Lincoln Way

Order Number
Order Title and Description Action Taken
DOT Contact
D-2006-5 Approving Minutes of the July 12, 2005, Commission Meeting Approved Connie Page, Commission Secretary, 515-239-1242
PP-2006-6 Revitalize Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) – Default Policy Working Group
The Commission approved the creation of a Default Policy Working group to evaluate the RISE program default policy; and if necessary, develop recommendations for revisions. Commissioners Carmody and Crawford assigned to serve on the group.


Approved Stuart Anderson, Director, Office of Systems Planning,


PP-2006-7 Revitalize Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) Grant – city of Newton
The Commission approved up to $6,832,500 to assist with grading and paving of approximately 20,160 feet of roadway from the I-80 exit south and west to East 12 th Street South .


Approved Stuart Anderson, Director, Office of Systems Planning,


H-2006-8 Transfer of Jurisdiction – U.S. 34 in Jefferson County and the city of Fairfield
Transfers to Jefferson County two roadway segments and the city of Fairfield one roadway segment. A 3.5-mile segment is located immediately west of the city of Fairfield and a 1.2-mile segment is located immediately east of the city of Fairfield . The portion located within the city of Fairfield extends from the city's west corporation line approximately 3.12 miles easterly to near the city's east corporation line. The state will place the roadway segments in a good state of repair and pay the county $150,000. The transfers will take place upon opening of the U.S. 34 Fairfield bypass, transfer of the funds to the county and notification by the state to the city of the time and date of the official transfer.


Approved John Adam,
Interim director,


Public Input Meeting