Iowa Commuter Transportation Study

Study Purpose

Iowa Senate at work
  • Eastern Iowa communities depend on one another economically, and improving the transportation system is critical to supporting future growth and access to jobs in the region.
  • The Iowa DOT is interested in more transportation options along major transportation corridors to reduce wear and tear on the transportation system and decrease traffic congestion.
  • Senate File 2349 was signed into law mandating a Study to "to conduct a study to identify administrative needs, projected demand, necessary capital and operating costs, and public transit service structures including park-and-ride lots, employer or public vanpool programs, and traditional fixed-route transit. The DOT shall submit a report with findings and recommendations to the general assembly on or before December 15, 2014."
  • The explanation included in the Notes on Bills and Amendments for Senate File 2349 stated that the law “Requires the DOT to conduct a study of the I-380 corridor and the traffic volumes between Linn and Johnson counties. The study is to identify the needs of employers, projected demand, capital and operating costs, and determine the pros and cons of various structures associated with a public transit system between the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids metro areas."