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The Iowa Department of Transportation specifications require contractors to ensure flaggers are trained in accordance with the following specifications. The Iowa DOT does not provide flagger training for non-Iowa DOT personnel nor does it identify outside flagger training services.

The Iowa DOT specifications regarding flaggers include the following.

  1. Prior to flagging operations, ensure the flaggers are trained in safe flagging operations that comply with Iowa DOT Flagger's Handbook, Part 6 of the MUTCD, and the Standard Specifications. Ensure training of flaggers includes the following:
    1. Issuing and reviewing the current Iowa DOT Flagger's Handbook,
    2. Presentation of the current Iowa Professional Flagging Video,
    3. Issuing flagger training cards including the information below. Ensure the flaggers carry their flagger training card at all times and show it upon request.
      1) Employee name,
      2) Date of training,
      3) Name of Instructor, and
      4) Expiration date of December 31 of the year following the training date.
  2. Maintain a list of the flaggers trained and the date of the training.
  3. Training is not required for short time, emergency, or relief assignment of employees to flagging operations. Payment will not be made in accordance with Article 2528.05, I.
  4. Ensure flagger operations, equipment, and apparel comply with the current Iowa DOT Flagger's Handbook.
  5. When nighttime flagging is required, provide auxiliary lighting to illuminate the flagging stations according to the current Iowa DOT Flagger's Handbook. Set up this lighting in such a manner to minimize glare to motorists. The cost of furnishing nighttime flagging stations is included in the lump sum price bid for Traffic Control.

The Flagger's Handbook is available online, however, a printed copy should be issued to the flagger. Both the handbook and the Iowa professional flagging video, "When Luck Runs Out - Professional Flagging Techniques", are both available by calling the Iowa DOT's Distribution Center in Ames at 515-239-1253. The flagging video is also available on YouTube.


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