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Does Iowa require certified flaggers?

The Iowa DOT specifications require all flaggers working on projects let through the Department’s letting process to be appropriately "trained." We do NOT require that they be "certified," Refer to Specification Article 2528.03.K. 

Are other Flagger certification programs considered “or equal” to the Iowa flagger training requirements?

Both the  American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA)  Certified Flagger program and the  National Safety Council (NSC) Certified Flagger program  are considered to be equivalent to the Department’s flagger training requirements as long as Iowa specific requirements are included in the training. Flaggers that have been trained or certified under other State flagger training programs, must also have Iowa based training to be able act as a flagger in Iowa. Other than the ATSSA or NSC flagger training programs stated above, Iowa does not allow flagger training reciprocity. 

What projects require the Traffic Control Technician (TCT)?

All projects let by the Iowa DOT require an ATSSA, IMSA (International Municipal Signal Association), or Minnesota DOT Traffic Control Supervisor trained TCT to be on the Prime Contractors payroll and have responsible management oversight of the projects traffic control. Refer to Specification Article 2528.01.C. 

Are other Traffic Control technician programs considered "or equal" to the ATSSA or IMSA TCT program?

Currently, only the ATSSA, IMSA TCT, or Minnesota DOT Traffic Control Supervisor training programs have been accepted by the Iowa DOT. Other TCT training programs should be submitted to the Office of Construction for review. Also, the ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor certification is considered an equivalent program. 

Do sheeting requirements Type VI & VII for work zone signs and devices apply to all projects let by the Iowa DOT?

The sign sheeting requirements (see Specification Article 4186.03.B.2.a) are only required on signs used on Department administered projects or on Iowa DOT Right-of-Way. County and City projects let through the Department are not required to use the brighter sign sheetings. 

Is the trained TCT required to be on the project at all times?

The TCT is required to have responsible oversight of the project’s traffic control. The TCT is not required to be-site at all times and can delegate some of their day-to-day oversight to those working on the project on a daily basis; such as the project superintendent or foreman. 

Is the Iowa DOT sponsoring TCT certification classes?

The Iowa DOT is not sponsoring the TCT training and certification classes. Scheduling of these classes is up to ATSSA and IMSA, based on requests from potential trainees. Contact ATSSA at (540) 368-1711 or FAX (540) 368-1722 or through their website; Contact IMSA at 800-723-4672 or FAX (315)-331-8205 or through their website;

Is the Iowa DOT providing flagger training classes?

The Iowa DOT is not providing any flagger training classes. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to train their own flaggers based on the requirements shown in the specifications. 

Is Traffic Quality Control required on Local Administered Projects?

Traffic Quality Control is only required on projects that include the lump sum Traffic Control Bid Item. If the local agency is supplying the signs and traffic control devices for use on the project, and is not including the lump sum Traffic Control Bid item, Traffic Quality Control is not required. 

What are the requirements for the daily diary referenced in Traffic Quality Control?

The minimum requirements for the daily diary include:
  • Date of information entry
  • Name of individual who reviewed the traffic control
  • RS Standard, Detail Sheet, or Plan Sheet used on project or stage
  • Any exceptions noted
  • Any approved changes to traffic control plan as let and in use
  • Other actions required
  • Any incident or work zone crashes noted

When are the Traffic Quality Control daily diaries required to be submitted to the Project Engineer?

At a minimum, the Traffic Quality Control daily diaries are to be submitted at the completion of the project. It is preferable that the Traffic Quality Control daily diaries be submitted at the end of every two weeks. During the start of the project it is recommended that the Traffic Quality Control diaries be reviewed with the Project Engineer more often in order to review the effectiveness and proper operation of the project’s overall traffic control. 

How does one obtain a copy of the Iowa DOT Flagger Manual and Flagger training video?

Both of these flagger related materials are available through the Iowa DOT warehouse at telephone number (515) 239-1253. The Flagger Handbook is currently $1.60 and is item code 000 - 303930. The DVD Flagger training video is currently $10.00 and is item code 000 – 480729. The video is available in both computer and DVD player formats. Make sure you order the correct format. The Flagger Handbook is also available electronically at the following URL: The downloaded Flagger Handbook is only allowed for training purposes. The printed version is the version to be presented to the trained flagger per specification article 2528.03.K.1.a.