Major Projects Advertisement Schedule

The Iowa Department of Transportation will be letting contracts for major projects on several corridors. Different advertisement techniques will be used to address the unique needs of these different projects.

The schedules below are the best information at this time and are subject to change. Contracts will post alerts on Bidx and issue email notices to email alert subscribers for milestone events when they actually occur.

US 20 Corridor

Final letting plans will be available on the Plans and Estimating Proposals page prior to letting for each package listed below.

Proposals, other contract documents and the Bidx Q&A will be available in the usual locations the customary four weeks prior to the bid deadline.

Current anticipated timeline:

Letting Location
September 2016 letting Section #6 West of Adams Avenue to west of US 71
October 2016 letting Section #1 East of Moville to west of Correctionville (completion)