The ability to access this information online is not to be construed as an indication that a person or entity is eligible to bid on projects for which bids are being solicited. Contractors must be authorized to submit a bid as a prime by the Office of Contracts. Requests to be authorized to bid as a prime contractor on individual proposals must be submitted through the Bid Express website by noon the day prior to the letting unless specified otherwise.

Attention icon Effective Jan. 21, 2015, a Bidder Status Form must be on file in order to be authorized to bid on any contract let by the DOT. View details here.

Call group
Alternate pave types
PCC pavement
HMA – resurfacing
Surface rehabilitation
Bid order range
001 - 080
081 - 100
101 - 150
151 - 200
201 - 300
301 - 350
Call group
Traffic safety
Buildings and sites
Erosion control
Bridge painting
Small business contracts
Bid order range
351 - 400
401 - 450
451 - 500
501 - 600
601 - 650
981 - 999
Bid order Proposal ID County Project number Download
001  01-C001-097    ADAIR          FM-C001(97)--55-01 Download zip file
003  27-C027-071    DECATUR        FM-C027(71)--55-27 Download zip file
004  59-C059-040    LUCAS          BROS-C059(40)--8J-59 Download zip file
005  61-C061-105    MADISON        BROS-C061(105)--8J-61 Download zip file
006  63-0145-502    MARION         MB-014-5(502)50--77-63 Download zip file
Download zip file
007  65-C065-100    MILLS          BRS-C065(100)--60-65 Download zip file
008  73-C073-129    PAGE           BRS-C073(129)--60-73 Download zip file
009  80-C080-070-A  RINGGOLD       BROS-C080(70)--8J-80 Download zip file
010  80-C080-071-A  RINGGOLD       BROS-C080(71)--5F-80 Download zip file
101  90-5825-643-A  WAPELLO        STP-U-5825(643)--70-90 Download zip file
151  03-0511-017    ALLAMAKEE      HSIPX-051-1(17)--3L-03
Download zip file
152  12-C012-100    BUTLER         TAP-R-C012(100)--8T-12
Download zip file
153  24-0302-166    CRAWFORD       NHSN-030-2(166)--2R-24 Download zip file
154  43-C043-083    HARRISON       STP-S-C043(83)--5E-43 Download zip file
155  99-0692-706    WRIGHT         MP-065-2(711)195--76-17
Download zip file
201  55-0152-705    KOSSUTH        MP-015-2(705)40--76-55 Download zip file
302  98-0092-702    WORTH          MP-009-2(702)173--76-98 Download zip file
351  00-000S-939    STATEWIDE      NHSN-000-S(939)--2R-00 Download zip file
352  27-0351-163    DECATUR        IMN-035-1(163)0--0E-27 Download zip file
401  86-0306-253    TAMA           NHSN-030-6(253)--2R-86 Download zip file
501  54-C054-111    KEOKUK         HSIP-S-C054(111)--6C-54 Download zip file
502  77-0055-114    POLK           NHSN-005-5(114)--2R-77 Download zip file
503  81-0202-152    SAC            NHSN-020-2(152)--2R-81 Download zip file


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