Standardized email signature template

  1. Download and open the email signature template Word document.

  2. In Outlook, create a new email, and go to signatures (located under the insert tab).

  3. In the signature editor, create a new signature and title it whatever you’d like

  4. Go back to the Word document. Select all (ctrl+a) and copy (ctrl+c).

  5. Go back to the signature editor in Outlook and paste the contents. When you paste, right click and choose "Keep Source Formatting" under paste options.
    *The signature will not look exactly how it looked in the word document, and the logo will not show up – that’s OK!

  6. Put in your information in the placeholders *On the first line, carefully backspace each letter of the placeholder “FIRSTNAME LASTNAME,” and then begin typing your name. Highlighting the first line and deleting it will ruin the formatting.

  7. Click save and OK.

  8. In your email, add the signature. It should look like this:

Instructions on setting up your email signature in the Office 365 Outlook web app


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