Construction Manual - Chapter 12

Incidental Construction

Chapter Descriptions
Chapter 12 Table of Contents
12.00 Utilities
12.10 Permanent Lighting
12.20 Permanent Signing
12.30 Formed Steel Beam Guardrail
12.40 Pavement Surface Repair
Chapter 12 Appendices
Appendix 12-1 "Certificate of Completion and Final Acceptance of Agreement Work" (Form 640003)
Appendix 12-2 ANSI Wood Pole Requirements
Appendix 12-3 Guardrail Installation Checklist
Appendix 12-4 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 12-5 Adjustment of Guardrail
Appendix 12-6 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 12-7 W-Beam and Thrie Beam Rail Lapping Procedure
Appendix 12-8 Overheard Sign Truss Construction Checklist
Appendix 12-9 Diamond Grinding Basic Terms and Components