Construction Manual - Chapter 4

Construction Survey

Chapter Descriptions
Chapter 4 Table of Contents
4.00 General Staking Requirements
4.10 Right of Way
4.20 Land Monuments and Road Centerline
4.30 Contractor Furnished Construction Survey
Chapter 4 Appendices
Appendix 4-1 Iowa DOT Warehouse Stock Numbers for Surveying Supplies
Appendix 4-2 National Geodetic Survey Markers
Appendix 4-3 U.S. Geological Survey Markers
Appendix 4-4 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 4-5 Figure 1. Reference Points for Two-Lane Roadway
Figure 2. Reference Points on a Curve
Figure 3. Reference Points for Divided Highway
Figure 4. Reference Points at Intersection
Appendix 4-6 Figure 5. Reference Points Placed in Sidewalks
Figure 6. Reference Points for Land Corners
Figure 7. Reference Points Using Total Station Instruments