Construction Manual - Chapter 9

Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavement

Chapter Descriptions
Chapter 9 Table of Contents
9.00 General
9.10 Equipment
9.20 Pavement Joints
9.30 Intakes and Utility Accesses
9.40 Surface Finishing
9.50 Protection, Curing, and Repair
9.60 Concrete Materials Issues
9.70 PCC Patching
Chapter 9 Appendices
Appendix 9-1 "Ready Mix Concrete Ticket" (Form 830212)
Appendix 9-2 Reserved for Future Use
Appendix 9-3 "Project Information/Paver Inspection" (Form 830213)
Appendix 9-4 Axle Weight Restrictions for PCC Pavement
Appendix 9-5 "PCC Plant Page" (Form 800240E)
Appendix 9-6 Recommended Repairs for Cracking in PCC Pavements
Appendix 9-7 Reserved for future use
Appendix 9-8 Worksheet E003 Modified for Overdepth/Underdepth Patching Quantity Adjustments
Appendix 9-9 PCC Paving Field Inspection Checklist