Appendix 2-1




Appendix 2-2

Certificate of Completion of Construction



Appendix 2-3

"Registration of Minor, Nonrecurring Use of Water" (DNR Form 542-3112)





Appendix 2-14

Certified Transcript of Labor Payroll/Statement of Compliance (Form 830176) and Completed Samples



Appendix 2-15

Traffic Control Non-Compliance Flow Chart



Appendix 2-20

Request to Lease Excess Land



Appendix 2-27

Charging of Contract Time



Appendix 2-28

Weekly Report of Working Days for Incentive/Disincentive Clause


(Form 830241)



Appendix 2-31

Change Order Authorization Matrix



Appendix 2-33

Noncomplying Tests or Measurements of Material Incorporated into the Project



Appendix 2-34

Price Adjustment Schedules

A - Aggregate Gradation Test Deviation


B - Concrete Slump


C - Concrete Air Content, Water Cement Ratio, Vibrator Frequency, Certified Plant Inspection, & Late Curing Application


D - Bridge Floor Resurfacing and Overlay Projects


E - Out-of-Tolerance Tining


F - Liquid Asphalt Noncomplying Viscosity or Penetration


G - Asphalt Residue Deficiency


H - Asphalt Binder (Noncomplying Dynamic Shear Rheometer)


I - Asphalt Binder (Noncomplying Bending Beam Rheometer)


J - Deviation in Asphalt Binder Content


K - Segregation


L - Steel H-Pile Weight Deficiency


M - Asphalt Binder (Noncomplying Percent Recovery)


N - PCC Pavement Edge Damage


O - Erosion & Sediment Control Non-Compliance Flow Chart


P - Noncomplying Asphalt Binder Replacement (Failure to Bump Grade)



Appendix 2-35

Sample Fuel Adjustment Worksheet English



Appendix 2-36

Iowa DOT Construction Project Documentation Checklist







Appendix 2-37

As-Built Adhesive Backed Standard Format Samples:


Certification Block (Form 520003)


Extra Work Order Log (Form 520004)


Estimated Project Quantities (100-0) (Form 520007)


Estimated Project Quantities (100-1) (Form 520008)


Check List for As-Built Plan Preparation