Price Adjustment for Asphalt Binder

(Noncomplying Percent Recovery)


Percent (%) Recovery is a measurable property used to evaluate an asphalt binder’s potential for permanent deformation (rutting).  The following equation is used to determine the price adjustment pay factor to apply to the asphalt binder used, when the % Recovery measured does not meet the minimum % Recovery specified.


Pay Factor = 1 – (0.25 X ((SPEC – 2) – R))



1.    R = % Recovery measured for asphalt binder grade used.

2.    SPEC = Minimum % Recovery specified for asphalt binder grade used.

3.    Pay Factor is rounded to nearest 0.01.

4.    Maximum pay factor to apply is 1.00.

5.    If Pay Factor is less than or equal to 0.50, the Engineer may declare the lot defective.

6.   Pay Factor is applied to asphalt binder quantity (tons) used in the individual lot.

7.   When Basis of Payment is by Area (SY), apply Pay Factor to the Invoice Price paid for the affected asphalt binder quantity.  If Invoice Price is not available, multiply 0.5 X (1.0 + Pay Factor) X mixture quantity (SY) placed in the individual lot.