The Construction Manual is intended primarily for use by field personnel as a policy in the administration and inspection of construction projects.  It is composed from background information, required procedures, current instructions, and other departmental policy to assist with project administration and inspection.  The manual does not provide guidelines for all questions that may arise on construction projects, but does provide a general reference for common situations.  The Office of Construction and Materials may be contacted for further guidance as necessary.


Uniform administration and inspection of construction projects and a standard system for documentation are of prime importance.  It is expected that the material contained in this manual will, if used to the fullest extent, assist in reaching this goal.


The instructions and guidelines presented in the Construction Manual are not intended to modify or replace any contract document requirements.


Although uniform procedures and requirements are a prime objective, it is not intended to curb the initiative of employees.  Users of the manual are encouraged to submit recommendations for improvement, clarification, and correction of obvious errors along with material not presently incorporated.  Comments should be directed to the Director of the Office of Construction and Materials and be keyed to specific chapter, section, page, and paragraph to which they refer.  Reasons should be provided for each comment to insure understanding.