Section 2201.  Portland Cement Concrete Base


2201.01     Description.

Construct PCC base course to the dimensions shown in the contract documents.


2201.02     Materials.

Apply Article 2301.


2201.03     Construction.

Apply Section 2301 with the following exceptions:


A.    Use Class A or Class C concrete, or the mixture used in the mainline paving.


B.    The tolerance, when checked with a surface checker, shall be 0.25 inch in 10 feet.


C.    If an asphalt surface is a part of the contract, a dark colored curing compound may be used.


D.    The base may be opened to shouldering operations, traffic, or surfacing after it has attained an age of 72 hours and a flexural strength of 500 psi.


E.    Saw and seal joints according to Section 2122 when constructing PCC paved shoulder. Joints need not be sealed for a PCC base course.


2201.04     Method of Measurement.

Measurement for P.C. Concrete Base will be according to Article 2301.04, A.


2201.05     Basis of Payment.

Payment for P.C. Concrete Base will be according to Article 2301.05, A.