Section 2411. Laminated Wood Decks


2411.01 description.

Furnish and install treated laminated decks according to the contract documents and the following provisions.


2411.02 materials.


A. Lumber.

Install deck strips of the nominal dimensions shown on the plans. Use deck strips that are:

         Of common class timber, either Douglas Fir or Southern Pine, meeting requirements of Article 4162.05,

         Surfaced on four sides, and

         Treated with preservative according to Section 4161.


B. Hardware.

Apply Article 4153.07.


2411.03 construction.


A. Place deck strips on edge and securely nail to preceding strips with at least one nail in each space between stringers or joists. Use nails that are no less than 2.5 times longer than the nominal thickness of the strips. For decks with wood stringers or with nailing strips on steel beams, nail each deck strip to each stringer or nailing strip with 20d nails.


B. When instructed in the contract documents, attach laminated decks directly to steel beams by means of clips. Securely nail each clip to deck strips with no less than two 20d nails. Position clips so they will hold the plank in close contact with top flanges of beams to prevent the plank from working loose due to relative movement between the plank and flanges.


C. Place and fasten successive strips to bear firmly on all supports and to be in close contact with the preceding strip. Do not allow the space between any two adjacent strips to exceed 1/8 inch. Ensure the surface of the completed deck shows no variation in elevation greater than 1/8 inch between adjacent strips.


D. Cut the ends of the strips in lines parallel to the center line of the roadway.


E. Crown the roadway surface to provide deck drainage, when specified in the contract documents.


2411.04 method of measurement.


A. The Engineer will compute the quantity of lumber used in Laminated Wood Decks in thousands of board feet from the nominal widths and thicknesses of the strips and overall dimensions of the floor parallel to the length of the strips.


B. Nails, clips, and other hardware will be considered incidental and will not be measured separately for payment.


2411.05 basis of payment.


A. Payment for Laminated Wood Deck will be at the contract unit price per thousand board feet for common class lumber as defined in Section 4162.


B. Payment is full compensation for:

         Furnishing all lumber, hardware, and other material, and

         Performance of all incidental work necessary to complete the structure in accordance with the contract documents.