Section 4103.  Liquid Admixtures for Portland Cement Concrete


4103.01     general requirements.


A.    Comply with AASHTO M 154 for air entraining admixtures and AASHTO M 194 for other liquid admixtures.


B.    Unless the Engineer approves, do not use admixtures containing more than 1.0% chloride ions.


C.    Inspection and acceptance of liquid admixtures for PCC will be according to Materials I.M. 403.


D.    Air Entraining Admixtures.

Stir, agitate, or circulate air entraining admixtures prior to use to ensure a uniform and homogeneous mixture.


E.    Retarding and Water Reducing Admixtures.


1.     Use retarding and water reducing admixtures compatible with the air entraining agent used.


2.     As approved by the Engineer, use admixtures either:

·         In amounts recommended by the manufacturer for conditions which prevail on the project, or

·         According to Materials I.M. 403.


3.     When used, introduce admixtures into the mixer after all other ingredients are in the mixer. The Engineer may approve other procedures.


4.     Agitate retarding and water reducing admixtures prior to and during their use according to Materials I.M. 403.


5.     When supplementary cementitious materials are used in the concrete, apply the liquid admixture dosage rate to both the cement and supplementary cementitious materials weight combined.


F.     Other Admixtures.

Other admixtures may be used with the Engineer’s approval and according to the manufacturer's recommendations.