Section 4106.  Plastic Film and Insulating Covers for Curing Concrete


4106.01     PLASTIC FILM.


A.    Comply with the following:


1.     Tough, pliable, moisture proof, and durable


2.     Material will retain its moisture proof properties while it is in place on the surface of the concrete.


3.     White pigmented material that is opaque.


4.     No less than 0.85 mils thick.


5.     No less than 70% daylight reflectance relative to magnesium oxide when tested according to ASTM E 1347.


B.    If the thickness of plastic film is less than 3.4 mils, do not use it more than once for curing concrete.



Comply with the following:


A.    Cellulosic fiber sheeting with a nominal 3/4 inch thickness.


B.    Similar to sheeting specified in ASTM C 208.