Section 4108.  Supplementary Cementitious Materials


4108.01     Fly Ash and natural pozzolans.


A.    Comply with ASTM C 618 or ASTM C 1697, either Class N, Class F, or Class C, except the value of alkalies are not to exceed 3.80% as determined by Materials I.M. 491.17.


B.    When Class F is required, a Class C fly ash with minimum total oxides (SiO2 + Al2O3 + Fe2O3) of 66% and minimum SiO2 of 38% may be used.


C.    Approval of the source of fly ash will be required. This is to be based on fly ash produced when the power plant is using specific materials, equipment, and processes. Any change in materials, equipment, and processes voids the source approval, and a new approval of the source will be required. Initial approval of Class N pozzolans will be based on meeting the additional requirements of Materials I.M. 491.17.


D.    Inspection and acceptance of fly ash and natural pozzolans will be according to Materials I.M. 491.17.


E.    Fly ash for soil stabilization shall meet ASTM C 618, Class C, except loss of ignition (LOI) requirement will not apply. Fly ash shall also contain a minimum of 22% calcium oxide (CaO).


4108.02     ground granulated blast furnace slag.

Comply with ASTM C 989 Grade 100 or Grade 120. Approval of the source of GGBFS will be required. Inspection and acceptance of GGBFS will be according to Materials I.M. 491.14.