Section 4111.  Class L Fine Aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete


4111.01     DESCRIPTION.

Natural sands resulting from disintegration of rock through erosional processes. Acquire mineral aggregate from an approved source as described in Materials I.M. 409. Use Class L fine aggregate in Class L concrete mixtures as specified in Materials I.M. 529.


4111.02     GRADATION.

Meet the requirements for Gradation No. 1 of the Aggregate Gradation Table, Article 4109.02. No more than 45% is to pass one sieve and be retained on the sieve with the next higher number when the fine aggregate is sieved through the following sieves: No. 4, No. 8, No. 16, No. 30, No. 50, and No. 100.


4111.03     QUALITY.

Meet the requirements of Table 4111.03-1:


Table 4111.03-1: Test Limits and Methods

Fine Aggregate Quality

Test Limits

Test Method

Shale and Coal

2.0% (maximum)

Materials I.M. 344

Mortar Strength


5200 psi (minimum)


Iowa DOT Materials Laboratory

Test Method No. Iowa 212