Section 4119. Bedding and Backfill Material for Interstate and Primary Road Projects.



Aggregate of the following types:

         Crushed Stone,

         Gravels for which 75% or more of the particles retained on the 3/8 inch sieve have at least one fractured face as defined in Materials I.M. 305 (the fractured face requirement shall only apply to bedding material placed under Primary or Interstate roadways), or

         Crushed PCC, if approved by the Engineer.


4119.02 CLASS A Crushed stone.

Meet the requirements of Article 4120.04.


4119.03 CLASS C crushed gravel.

Meet the requirements of Article 4120.03.


4119.04 crushed PCC.

Meet the requirements of Materials I.M. 210 and for Gradation No. 11 of the Aggregate Gradation Table, Article 4109.02.