Section 4138. Cutback and Liquid Asphalts


4138.01 general requirements.


A. Use the grade specified. Meet the following requirements:

         Rapid Curing (RC) AASHTO M 81

         Medium Curing (MC) AASHTO M 82

         Slow Curing (SC) AASHTO M 140


B. The spot test indicated in AASHTO M 81, M 82, and M 140 will not be required.


C. When using antistrip additive with cutback asphalt, (as required in Article 2307.02, B, 2 or when specified otherwise) use an additive approved according to Materials I.M. 491.16. Add at the approved dosage rate. Ensure the treated cutback asphalt produces a positive result when tested according to Office of Materials Test Method No. Iowa No. 629.


D. In Table 1 of AASHTO M 81, the distillation test requirements are as follows:

Distillate, by volume to 374F, to be a minimum of 4% of the total distillate to 680F.