Section 4163.  Treated Timber and Lumber




A.    For rough or surfaced, treated timber and lumber, furnish new and unused material meeting the requirements of Section 4162 for the size and lengths specified in the contract documents.


B.    In timber structures, use the class of timber or lumber meeting the requirements of Section 4162 for use according to position in the structure.


C.    Arrange inspection according to Materials I.M. 462. Include the cost of inspection in the unit price bid for the material specified.


4163.02     SPECIES OF WOOD.


A.    Unless specified otherwise, treat only Douglas Fir (coast region), Northern Pine, and Southern Pine.


B.    Incise Douglas Fir before treatment according to Article 4161.03, B, 1.


C.    On timber structures, accurately bore all holes required in stringers, rail posts, post blocks, and scupper blocks before treatment wherever practical.



Unless specified otherwise, full pressure preservative treatment, according to Section 4161, is required for all timber and lumber.