In addition to the routine duties associated with the inspection of materials, assurance sampling and testing, and certain laboratory operations, the District Materials Engineer (DME) is required to monitor Quality Control and acceptance procedures, and provide consultation when difficulties are encountered.





Plant inspectors are by instruction required to consult the DME through the Resident Construction or County Engineer when the contractor encounters difficulty with regard to specification compliance and satisfactory plant operations. Consultations are also required when technical problems become evident to personnel performing sampling and testing and other specialized functions. The DME should provide the necessary assistance and guidance when conditions indicate action is required.





In many cases plant equipment operation and maintenance practices are directly related to problems associated with the work. Materials handling and storage procedures also cause difficulty at times. Sampling, testing and related inspection functions require re-evaluation when difficulties are encountered on a project. The following guidelines should be observed when Materials personnel are consulted for guidance:


1.   Determine who is responsible for the problem and advise the appropriate party.


2.   If the difficulty is associated with sampling, testing or related inspection functions provide the necessary guidance or instruction if practical and advise the engineer in charge of action taken.


3.   If the difficulty is associated with the contractor's equipment or procedures, reaffirm the responsibility and requirements assigned to the contractor by the contract documents. The DME should then assist the contractor in identifying the problem by performing additional tests, calibrations, or other measurements as provided for in the specifications and appropriate instructions.


4.   In the event that the standard procedures do not properly identify the factors causing the difficulties encountered, the DME may provide additional guidance, if requested, with the clear understanding that such further consultation will not relieve or reduce the contractor's responsibility for solving problems associated with the work. Assistance so provided shall not include management services associated with the operation and maintenance of the contractor plant equipment and the direction of the contractor personnel.