This appendix contains District Materials aggregate duties.


-        test results

-        frequencies

-        reporting

-        personnel changes

-        changes in contact information

-        changes in the company structure such as changes in aggregate sources.

-        Please send a copy of updates to Geology Section

-        Condition of base

-        Segregation

-        Contamination

-        Degradation

-        Load-out

-        Product identification

-        Gradation (one of the following methods)

  Independent sample by District Materials

  Witness Q/C technician obtain production verification sample

  For revetment, erosion stone and macadam base, verification will be based on visual inspection

-        Quality samples will be obtained by District Materials.

-        District Materials will take possession of all production verification samples.

-        Notify the producer.

-        Investigate the stockpile, for acceptance, in accord with written evaluation method IM 301 or as directed by the District Materials Engineer.