A variety of conditions occur from time to time which tend to complicate efforts of identifying demolition sites where asbestos removal and disposal is required. This sometimes results in oversights and last minute scrambling to secure the necessary information in time for proper development of project and contract information.


The Offices of Right of Way, Materials, Regulated Materials, and Contracts each are directly involved. Additionally, the respective District and Resident Construction Office are also directly involved.


With regard to availability for sampling, the condition of individual buildings is variable and will likely fall in one of the following categories:


Condition 1     Property is vacant and owned by the Iowa DOT.


Condition 2     Property is vacant and ownership transfer to Iowa DOT is anticipated, but not complete.


Condition 3     Property is not vacant and ownership transfer to Iowa DOT is anticipated, but not complete.


At the time a building is determined for demolition the Right of Way Office will advise the Office of Regulated Materials of the project number, parcel number, former owner, location, previous use, approximate age, description of the building and possession date. This demolition information will also go to the respective District Office and Resident Construction Office. The Office of Regulated Materials will notify the Office of Materials of the need for an asbestos inspection.


The Office of Materials will examine the building for possible asbestos-containing materials and secure samples where appropriate. Locations and estimated quantities of probable asbestos sources will be noted where sampling is not appropriate. Sampling is considered appropriate in Condition 1 (described earlier) and is not normally appropriate in Condition 3. Sampling in Condition 2 is appropriate only when the property owner gives written consent. With owner consent inspection will be conducted in Condition 3, but no samples will be taken unless it is absolutely safe to do so. Suspected asbestos locations will be detailed.


Sampling will only be performed by AHERA-certified personnel trained in proper inspection procedures. The Office of Materials will forward samples to an outside laboratory for testing. Results will be reported to the Office of Regulated Materials. Report test results in separate reports for separate projects.


The time required from notification of location until results are reported to the Office of Regulated Materials is typically less than four weeks. Any encountered or expected delays shall be reported to the Office of Regulated Materials.