Refinery monitoring samples will be taken on request by the Central Construction & Materials Office or when deemed necessary by the District Materials Engineer (DME). These samples will be taken before the material is incorporated into terminal or contractor storage. The Central Laboratory will conduct all testing of these samples.



The appropriate District Materials Office will review terminal procedures and records related to Iowa DOT work each time a terminal is visited for monitoring purposes.


Active suppliers of asphalt products to Iowa DOT projects shall be monitored at least once a year.


Intermittent suppliers shall be monitored at the discretion of the DME.



The Central Construction & Materials Laboratory shall test samples taken during monitor visits.


Monitor samples for binder, emulsion and cutback shall be taken at least once a year beginning in the spring. Monitor samples are to be taken by the supplier and must be witnessed by DOT personnel.


NOTE: Both the Central Construction & Materials Office and the supplier for correlation purposes must test monitor samples at least once per year unless otherwise deemed necessary by the DME. The supplier must provide the monitor sample test results to the Central Office in a timely manner.


Monitor samples from a terminal submitted to the Central Laboratory will be used for correlation between the terminal control laboratory and the Central Laboratory. Test reports on these samples will be distributed to the monitoring District Materials Office and the terminal.