High performance bituminous premix shall be a mixture of aggregate and bituminous material, which shall meet the requirements of the Iowa Department of Transportation for use as a winter patching material.




Acceptance of high performance bituminous premix for Iowa Department of Transportation Maintenance contracts will be on the basis of manufacturer and brand name approval of the bituminous material, certification of the aggregate, and certification of the final mixture.



To obtain approval of the bituminous material, the manufacturer shall submit the following to the Central Materials Office in Ames, Iowa:


1.   Product identification

2.   Recommended specifications for testing of the bituminous material

3.   Technical information concerning the mixing and use of the product

4.   A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product

5.   A one-gallon (four-liter) sample of the bituminous material

6.   A sample (one bag) of the bituminous pre-mix


The Central Materials Laboratory will evaluate the recommended specifications, technical information, and MSDS for appropriateness to the intended use. If these items are deemed appropriate, the bituminous material will be tested against the recommended specification. If all tests performed comply with the specification, the bituminous pre-mix material will be tested for compatibility and low temperature workability.


Approval of the bituminous material does not constitute approval of the final mixture. Any change to the formulation of the bituminous material will require reapproval. Approved brand of bituminous material for high performance premix are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).



Acceptance of the final mixture will be based on certification by the Contractor and visual inspection at the time of delivery. A certified truck ticket or bill of lading shall accompany each delivery. The certification shall state that the materials used and the final mixture meets the Specifications of the Iowa Department of Transportation. The Contractor will make available upon request all test data used as basis for certifying the material. The Agency may sample and test the components and final mixture at any time to monitor compliance with the purchasing specifications.


If problems are encountered with the application or performance of the high performance premix, the evaluation questionnaire in Appendix A of this IM may be used to help identify the specific problem. Premix delivered that does not meet the requirements of the Iowa Department of Transportation shall be removed and replaced at the Contractor’s expense.