Concrete anchors shall meet the requirements of applicable Iowa Department of Transportation Specifications and design guides. Approved manufacturers and brand names of mechanical concrete anchors are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).



Acceptance of concrete anchors shall be on the basis of certification from an approved manufacturer and approved brand names. Approval of concrete anchors shall be based on tension (pull-out) and shear tests in accordance with ASTM E488. Tests shall be performed by an independent certified laboratory. Manufacturer shall provide design parameters or allowable loads for the design purpose. Strength design of anchors shall comply with ACI 318. The allowable loads recommended shall not exceed 1/4 of ultimate loads.


When galvanized anchors are specified, zinc coating shall be applied by either hot-dipped galvanizing to meet the requirements of ASTM A153, Class C, or mechanically-galvanized to meet the requirements of ASTM B695, Class 50 Type 1.


Approved manufacturers and approved brand names are listed in Appendix A.  Allowable loads for each approved brand name can be found from manufacturers’ literatures or their websites. 



The signed mill test reports/certification shall also include a statement indicating the steel meets the requirements of IM 107, Group 2, Buy America.


The certification of compliance shall be signed by a designated or responsible company representative, and shall be stated as follows:


The materials itemized in this shipment are certified to be in compliance with the applicable ASTM Standards and the Iowa Department of Transportation Standard Specifications, IMs and meet the Buy America requirements as described in IM 107 for all steel, iron products and coatings.





Authorized Signature & Date