Crash Cushions must meet the requirements of the Specifications for Crash Cushions.



Application for approval shall be sent to the Methods Engineer in the Iowa DOTís Design Bureau (515-239-1402). All product manuals, crash test videos, specifications, and brochures along with correspondence indicating compliance with the Specifications for Crash Cushions shall be submitted. Samples of materials may also be requested. The Department will evaluate the application and determine whether the product is to be approved.† Approved products are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise. (MAPLE) Details for when, where and how to use each product are in


All products submitted for approval must comply with the most recent edition of the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH). Devices submitted with modifications to previously approved NCHRP-350 products must be fully compliant with the most recent edition of MASH.


It is the intent of the Department to utilize products that comply with the most recent edition of MASH for all crash cushion applications.


NOTE: All products submitted for approval must have passed all current applicable MASH crash tests to be considered for review. Force versus deflection analysis demonstrating the crash cushion will meet evaluation guidelines for Occupant Impact Velocity (OIV) and Occupant Ridedown Acceleration (ORA) will be allowed in lieu of Tests 3-38 (gating and non-gating devices) and 3-45 (non-gating devices). Failure to have all testing completed, or not to provide clear and concise substantiated evidence for why Tests 3-38 or Test 3-45 were not run, may be cause for denial of review and approval.


Federal eligibility letters will not be the sole basis for approval. The Department reserves the right to accept and deny devices submitted based on the information supplied and the needs of the department at the time of submittal.


When products lines are no longer produced or supplied the department will need to be notified timely.



Acceptance of Crash Cushions will be on the basis of approved sources and brand names. If this brand name is not clearly evident on the product, a certification shall be furnished from the manufacturer. Permanent Crash Cushions that utilize steel products shall include a statement that they are compliant with IM 107, Buy American.