Landscape plant materials including all trees, shrubs, and vines used in roadside development shall meet the minimum requirements of size and grade in the American Standard for Nursery Stock ANSI Z60.1, and the requirements of Article 4170. Acceptance for incorporation into a project will be based on a satisfactory report of inspection from the Resident Construction Engineer’s (RCE) Office, and a satisfactory field review from the Office of Roadside Development.



Field construction personnel will check the project for the size, quantity, location, alignment, and condition of plant materials. Field construction will provide a visual approval of the mulch and check to see that it is placed at the correct depth and area. It is intended that most of this can be accomplished through a general visual review of the project. Detailed inspection and measuring will only be required if there is a question of noncompliance. The information in the RCE’s project file will act as documentation for compliance with the materials requirement.


The contractor is responsible for ensuring that the species planted are correct and that they comply with the American Standard for Nursery Stock. The contractor shall submit invoices for plant materials to the RCE. The invoices shall list the species, size, and quantity of plant specimens.


Office of Roadside Development staff will review the project for species compliance and plant survival rate. This review will take place in the fall. Office of Roadside Development staff will document the review by letter and copy the RCE, the District Materials Engineer, and the Central Materials Office.




Fertilizer shall be as specified on the plans and approved as per IM 469.03.


Stakes shall be nominal 2 in. x 2 in.  yard lumber or steel posts of the length required in Section 2610 and Section 2611. Refer to Article 4170.09C.


Guys shall be No. 11 wire or 3/16 in.  cable.


Anchors shall meet the size required in Section 2610 and Section 2611.


Ties shall be approved by the Engineer.


Mulch shall be furnished as specified on the plans and approved by the Engineer.