Acceptance of paints for painting structural steel with Aluminum Epoxy Mastic Paints will be on the basis of certification from an approved paint producer, subject to satisfactory results obtained from testing monitor samples.  Producers and approved brand names are listed in Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).



Producer and product approval will be based on information supplied by the producer regarding evaluation of the product by NTPEP (National Transportation Product Evaluation Program).


The paint producer shall submit to the Central Construction and Materials Bureau, product data for the paint showing compliance with NEPCOAT (North East Protective Coatings Committee) approval criteria.  Only products listed on NEPCOAT qualified product list will be approved.


When the Construction and Materials Bureau has satisfactorily reviewed the producer and products, the approval will remain in effect unless withdrawn because of deficient test results on monitor samples, unsatisfactory field results traceable to the paint or failure to comply with paint acceptance procedures. If any change is made in the manufacturing process or formulation of paint originally approved, the change must be reported to the Central Construction and Materials Bureau for decision on continuance of the approval. This decision shall be made before such paints are furnished for projects.



The paint producer shall furnish three copies of a certification document for each shipment intended for use on Iowa projects. The document shall include the following information concerning the shipment:


1.   Date of shipment


2.   Name of painting contractor or company to which shipment was made


3.   Brand names of product identification numbers


4.   Batch or lot numbers


5.    Quantity of paints


In addition, the document shall bear the following certification statement and the signature of a responsible company representative:




We certify the products herein described have been previously approved in accordance with the procedures established by the Iowa Department of Transportation and that they comply with the applicable specifications.







A copy of the document described above shall be mailed or placed within Doc Express, at the time of shipment, to the Project Engineer who has work scheduled by the contractor or company involved


Paint shipments from an approved producer, which are documented as outlined above and appear otherwise satisfactory, may be incorporated in the work.



Producers who actively supply paints for projects shall be required to submit samples of paint to the Central Construction and Materials Bureau Laboratory on request.


In addition, monitor samples may be requested from the project destination or fabricating shop. District personnel, the painting contractor, or the fabricator may take such samples. Paint, which the Project Engineer believes to be questionable, may be sampled at any time.


Do not use paint that is beyond its expiration date without written consent from the paint manufacturer. Submit written consent to the engineer prior to incorporation.


All monitor samples shall consist of unopened containers. Maximum sample size shall be 5 gallons. Samples taken within the state may be returned after testing.


Test results not in conformance with the specifications will be considered sufficient cause to discontinue use of the batch represented and to require sampling of additional batches for evaluating the continuance of producer and product approval.