Acceptance of Fluoropolymer Paint systems shall be on the basis on certification from an approved paint manufacturer, subject to satisfactory test results obtained from tested monitor samples. Manufacturer and products shall be listed on the approved list prior to project letting and/or before paint can be furnished to projects. Approved Products are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).


Paints and Paint shops shall be on the approved list prior to letting.



Manufacturer and product approval shall be based on information supplied by the manufacturer regarding evaluation of the paint products by “NTPEP” (National Transportation Product Evaluation Program).


The paint manufacturer shall submit to the Construction and Materials Bureau product data of the paint showing full compliance with “NEPCOAT” approval criteria. Only products listed by “NEPCOAT” qualified product list will be subject for acceptance and approval.

Note: NEPCOAT (North East Protective Coatings Committee)



Surface Preparation

Shall be in accordance with the Iowa DOT standard specification requirements and the requirements of “SSPC” (Steel Structures Painting Council) and the recommendations of the paint manufacturer.


The angular blast profile shall be 1.5 mils (minimum) and 3 mils (maximum) on all surfaces including thermal cut edges.  Prior to blasting, grind thermal cut edges to a smooth finish that will allow the specified angular blast profile to be achieved.  If the paint manufacturer’s recommended blast profile is more restrictive, submit recommendations to the engineer for approval.  When shots is used for blasting, use blast media containing at least 10% steel grit.



Shall be performed only in facilities that are approved by the Iowa DOT, AISC and SSPC.

·         Paint manufacturer recommendations regarding mixing, thinning, application, steel temperature, weather conditions and Pot life shall be followed and implemented.

·         Only certified/trained painters can apply the paint.

·         Prime coat, intermediate coat and top coat paints shall be manufactured by the same paint company.

·         Care shall be exercised not to damage the paint system in the paint shop and during handling, storage, delivery and erection of the structural steel.

·         Point of contacts for lifting and handling of the painted structural steel shall have padded contact areas both at the paint shop as well as on the project site during erection and shipping.

·         Repair of paint damage to prime coat, intermediate coat and top coat attributed to shop activities and/or project site activities (erection, handling) shall be performed in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and with prior approval of the engineer.

·         Excessive coating thickness and/or inadequate coating thickness shall be sufficient cause for rejection. This rejection shall apply to either the primer, intermediate and/or top coat.

·         Allow all paint system (primer, intermediate and top coats) to cure according to the coating manufacturer’s recommendations before the succeeding coats are applied.

·         Where galvanized fasteners are used, paint according to Iowa DOT standard specifications (Article 2408.02, Q, 2, b, 5) after bolting, coating application of the galvanized fasteners shall be initiated with a mist coat applied prior to full coat application.

·         Top coat colors shall be as specified in the plans. Two painted plates (4” x 6” minimum) shall be submitted for review and approval prior to production painting.

·         Field Repair and Painting: paint and paint repair in the field shall only be allowed when environmental conditions conform to SSPC guidelines and manufacturer recommendations.

·         Paint and/or paint repair in the field shall be performed by a certified/trained painter(s) by the paint manufacturer.


Do not use paint that is beyond its expiration date without written consent from the paint manufacturer. Submit written consent to the engineer prior to incorporation.




The paint producer shall furnish three copies of a certification document for each shipment intended for use on Iowa projects. The document shall include the following information concerning the shipment:

1.    Date of shipment

2.    Name of paint shop to which shipment was made

3.    Brand name of products and identification numbers (lot number)

4.    Quantity of paint shipped (by gallons)

5.    Certification statement and signature of the paint company representative


Certification Statement



We certify that the products herein described above (Batch #....) have been approved In accordance with the procedures established by the Iowa Department of Transportation and further we certify that this paint shipment comply with the applicable specification requirements.


(Company stamp)





Copy of the document described above shall be mailed or placed within Doc Express at the time of shipment to the project engineer and to the Central Construction and Materials Bureau.