Mineral Silicate Paints are utilized for painting concrete surfaces. These paints are utilized for aesthetics of the concrete in many projects at the discretion of the department. Paints approved within this IM shall comply to all relevant department specifications. Manufacturers shall have at least (5) years experience producing mineral silicate paint capable of being used on vertical surfaces.


Producer and product approval shall be obtained before paints can be furnished to projects. Approved Products are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE)



Producer and product approval will be based on information supplied by the producer.


The paint producer shall submit the following to the Construction and Materials Bureau:

1.    Technical data sheets for all components of the product / system.

2.    Materials Safety data sheets for all components of the product / system.

3.    Test data showing compliance to the following characteristics:

-       Low Volatile Organic Content (VOC) Material

-       Resistant to weather, humidity, abrasion, acid, alkali, salt spray, ultra-violet rays and petroleum products.

-       Minimum of 92% vapor transmission when tested in accordance with ASTM E 96

-       Lightfast with a matte finish

-       Product shall not peel, flake, or fade from exposure to weather or abrasion.

4.    Recommended component mixing procedures, application instructions, equipment, methods and rates, surface prep and priming requirements and other applicable manufacturers recommendations.

5.    Paint color samples on 8 x 11 draw down cards may be requested after review of the above information at the discretion of the Construction and Materials Bureau and / or Bridges and Structures Bureau.


When the Central Construction and Materials Bureau has accepted the producer and product, the approval will remain in effect indefinitely, unless withdrawn because of deficient test results, unsatisfactory field results traceable to the paint product, or failure to comply with paint acceptance procedures. If a change is made in the manufacturing process or formulation of the paint originally approved, the change must be reported to the Construction and materials Bureau for a decision on continuance of the approval. This decision shall be made prior to furnishing paints to a project.




The paint producer shall furnish the following along with the product for shipments to Iowa Department of Transportation Projects:

All coating materials will be provided in sealed, original, containers that are properly marked and labeled to allow verification with applicable material safety data sheets, application precautions, and instructions. Labeling shall include the manufacturers name, type of material, brand name, gloss designation, date of manufacture, shelf life, contract or order number under which the material has been ordered, lot and batch numbers, quantity, handling, component mixing, thinning and application instructions.



The Department may request manufacturers submit samples to an independent laboratory on request. This is at the sole discretion of the department. Verification of the above product test data in producer and product approval may be required for review by the Construction and materials bureau.


If the project engineer and / or district personal believes the paint product shipped to the project is questionable it may be sampled and tested for compliance. Test results not in reasonably close conformity with the above requirements and / or to characteristics claimed by the manufacturer on their technical data sheets may be grounds for rejection and removal from the approved products list.


Do not use paint that is beyond its expiration date without written consent from the paint manufacturer. Submit written consent to the engineer prior to incorporation.